About Notebookily

What is Notebookily?

Notebook + "ily" stands for Notebook "I Love You" and is pronounced like the word merrily.

Why Discbound Notebooks?

Discbound notebooks are like expansive paper worlds.

With paper refills (often called paper inserts) discbound notebooks can hold everything from your appointments to zoom meeting notes in one space.

You can journal, dream, plan, draw and more with discbound notebooks.

What Do You Need to Create Your First Discbound Notebook?

  1. Discs - these come in plastic or metal and are available in different sizes. The bigger the discs the more paper your discbound notebook can hold.
  2. Paper inserts - refill packs you select based on what you'd like in your discbound notebook.
  3. Covers - our covers are laminated, reversible, and interchangeable. Switch your covers to celebrate holidays, seasons, or just because you want to!

About Notebookily

Notebookily® LLC is based in North Carolina, founded in 2018, and is owned by Kimberly Gosney. 

Our discbound notebooks are made in house - literally in the room over our garage in our North Carolina home. They are sold to homes all over the United States via our website, Etsy, and Amazon.

All covers and paper inserts are made in North Carolina. Our discs are made in China, and packaged in North Carolina.