Why I love discbound notebooks

Why I Love Discbound Notebooks

I’ve been using and loving discbound notebooks since 2012. They’re my favorite type of notebook. Today I’m going to share three reasons why I love discbound notebooks so much.

1. You can have different types of pages inside.

One of my favorite things about discbound notebooks is you can fill them with your favorite paper! My favorite type of notebook paper is college ruled or lined notebook paper. But, some of my customers love dot notebook paper for journaling and blank notebook paper for drawing and sketching.

2. Discbound notebooks flip back on themselves.

I take a lot of notes at my desk – with my laptop and a cup of coffee. It’s nice that everything fits on my desk without my notebook getting in the way of my laptop.

Peach and Navy Swappable Notebook by Notebookily Photo Image
This Peach and Navy Floral Monogram Swappable Notebook is just the right blend of fancy and dainty.

3. Discbound notebooks are swappable.

I get bored easily and having a swappable notebook with covers in different designs and patterns is a must for me! It’s spring right now and I’m using this super sweet peach and navy monogram floral cover from Notebook Club, but next month… it’ll be something else. I love adding designs to my notebook for holidays and to celebrate my birthday – all month long.

I kept this to just three reasons why I love discbound notebooks as it could easily have been hundreds of reasons why, but I know you’re busy and have lots on your to do list today. If your here and you love discbound notebooks… pop a comment in the box below.



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