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Three steps to your first Discbound Notebook

New? Start Here!

This guide was created to show you how easy peasy it is to create your first discbound notebook! Follow the steps below for a notebook you’ll use and love every day!

Step 1: Choose your cover

This is my favorite part! Take a peek at my Swappable Notebook Covers and choose your favorite. All of my covers are monogrammed or personalized and you can choose from a variety of patterns and designs.

There are two cover sizes to pick from Junior and Letter.

Notebookily Swappable Covers Size Chart

  1. Junior size is my personal favorite as you can take notes at your desk with your laptop and mug of coffee, or pop your notebook in your purse and take it with you for note-taking on the go.
  2. Letter size is great if you like lots of room to write, draw, plan, or journal. This size is a bit too big to travel around with and works best at home.

Click here to choose your swappable covers!

Step 2: Pick your paper inserts

What do you want to use your new notebook for? The biggest advantage to using a discbound notebook system is… you get to choose the paper inserts that fit your life just right! Unlike metal coil or spiral bound planners – discbound notebooks can hold any paper styles you’d like in any order!

Journal, draw, write and plan all from one notebook!

Click here to pick your paper inserts!

Step 3: Sprinkle in some accessories!

No new notebook would be complete without adding a few special touches. Notebook Accessories like page finder bookmarks and tabs (coming soon) complete your notebook.

Click here to sprinkle in some accessories!

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